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Choosing Dining Chairs

Dining room chairs are so often a focal point of the room and when combined with the dining table, they make up the main functionality of the dining area of your home. Of course it would be easy to throw together any combination of chairs and stick them under any old table, but that lacks flair and taste and will readily decrease the potential resale value of your property should you look to sell. An investment in quality dining room furniture can be good for both your enjoyment of your dining space, as well as the future prospects for your home.

Choosing Chairs: A ChecklistIn choosing a set of chair for your dining room, it’s important to firstly make sure your selection checks all the boxes.

? Is it a matching set, or are you required to buy each chair separately?? Is the upholstery suitable for dining? Is it easy-wipe?

? Are the chairs sturdy enough to comfortably seat the entire family?

? Do the chairs fit nicely around your existing table, or will that require to be replaced as well?

? Are the chairs warranted or guaranteed for a period? What does the warranty cover?

? Is the upholstery likely to rip or stain?

? Do they match your existing interior?

? Are the legs firmly secured?

? Is the upholstery of a satisfactory finish?

Of course this is by no means an exhaustive list, and there are plenty of other perfectly valid questions to be raised over whether or not a particular chair or set of chairs is right for you. Most importantly, make sure you feel comfortable with the selection you’ve made before buying – if you’re at all unsure, it’s probably best to stay away.Warranties: The ScoopWarranties are vital in case anything goes wrong with the chairs you buy and the money they can save on the repair bill can come in really handy. However they are also a prime opportunity for buyers to get scammed out of that little bit extra cash. What people often don’t realise when buying chairs is that whilst the manufacturers warranty is handy, the extended warranty might make very little financial sense. Say, for example, the extended warranty takes the chairs up to five years of cover – the likelihood of claiming on the warranty versus the cost of a replacement makes paying for further guarantees nonsensical.

Consider Their PurposeAs an overriding rule for dining chairs, consider what they are to be used for. The dining room chairs will be used to seat the family and friends and will thus require to be hardwearing yet also stylish. The practical impact of the chairs is significant – make sure whatever you opt for is easy to wipe, hard to stain (even with red wine) and hardwearing overall, to get the best use out of your chairs.