The Pros and Cons of Recliner Chairs

Recliner chairs are becoming more and more popular, particularly amongst male consumers as the ideal item for relaxing after a day at the office. But to what extent are they a good idea, and could you really live with the downsides in your home?


? Comfortable – there’s nothing like kicking back with your feet up after a hard day at the office.? Ergonomic – recliner chairs allow you to take the weight off your feet which is good for you after working for long periods or having a busy day? Personal Touch – a recliner chair can quickly feel like your own, moulding to your shape to enhance comfort in that most intangible of ways

? Stylish – many recliner chairs look stylish, and most are upholstered with leather for that extra fashionable look.


? The Mechanism – recliner mechanisms are notoriously fickle, and that is usually the first part of the chair to give way? Space – recliner chairs, when fully extended, require far more space than vertical chairs which could prove a problem unless you have a fairly large room in which to use the chair? Practical – recliner chairs tend not to be too practical for things like computer use; they’re more designed for chilling out.