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Psychological Tips for New Restaurant Owners to Create Loyal Patrons

Waiter serving food to the customer

Are you new to the restaurant business, looking to bring in new customers in your restaurant and is taking every measure to make them your loyal patrons?

Your answer could be probably a ‘Yes’!

Well, did you know, a study showed that 70% of new restaurants disappear from business within the first 3 to 5 years of their functioning. On the other hand, 90% of restaurants managed to make it past the 5 year cap, remained more than 10 years in business.

The reason for the failure is not because their food is not tasty, nor their prices are too high, it is because they did not apply efficient strategies to keep the restaurant running.

Here are some psychological tips to convert your visitors into loyal patrons –

1. Offer an Extended Experience

If you wish to stay on top of the minds of your customer, you must make sure to engage your brand with them, before, during and even after their visit to attract more and more diners to your restaurant. In this digitally connected world, diners expect a seamless experience across the internet, mobile devices and apps. All these create a strong a personalised experience for your brand, which results in repeated visits of your customer. You can also ask your customers to share photos taken at your restaurant, ask them to share their views on your key dishes, and in return you can give them special offers, and rewards, as well. The goal is to interact with your customers, and keep them engaged so that your brand jogs in their memory every time.

2. Connect them with Food

To connect someone with food, initially, it has to be neatly presented. Even if the customer is ordering a cup of coffee, when it is presented in an elegant Vitroceram White Teapot, you are for sure creating a positive impression among your customers. This graceful display will help them get connected with your business.

3. Offer Happy Hours

If you are not offering happy hours, you are actually losing your potential customers! Most people associate happy hours with bars and nightclubs, actually restaurants can also take advantage of this, by offering daily drink specials, especially in the elite Viva  drinking glasses, which will complement the style of your restaurant.                                                                                                                                         

4. Reviews of Local Foodies counts

There are many local foodies these days, who talk about the foods served in various restaurants – on their blogs, social pages, post reviews on yelp, Facebook etc. Reaching out to these people is a great way to influence the local people for your restaurant’s benefit. You could invite them to your restaurant and offer them a great free meal and request them to do an honest review. You can also create coupon code discounts which the reviewer can share with his followers.

5. Free Giveaways

This is one of the easiest ways to get connected with people. Authentic food easily connects with people. Of course, handing out free appetisers or desserts, elegantly packed in a Complete Weck Tulip Glass Jar with Lid to your valued customers, is not going to cost you much. You can also give away gift cards, or offer great discounts which might impress your customers as well. Ultimately the key to make your brand stay on top of your customers mind is creativity, presentation and hygienic food. Think about creative ways on how you can get connected with your customers, ways to change the layout of your restaurant’s table ware with elite dishware like Vitroceram, Viva and much more. Create more chances to gain personalised reviews from your customers and cater to their needs with minimum waiting times. When you work on all these, it will help get connected with the diners and create a personalised experience for them.