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Finding Comfortable Office Chairs

If you work in an office, chances are you’ll appreciate the importance of comfortable office chairs. Eight hours a day in a poorly designed rickety old chair won’t work wonders for your back or your temperament, and it can leave you feeling uncomfortable and lead to RSIs and the like – particularly if you use a computer. Now, with modern health and safety legislation in place it’s becoming more and more important for employers to make sure you have comfortable seating throughout your day, although there are seldom any specific guidelines on what’s best for a given type of work.

Factors To Consider:If you’re self employed or just in the market for an office chair, here are a few things to bear in mind to help you on your way to choosing that ideal unit for you:

? Ergonomics – is this chair designed with you in mind?? Back support – particularly in the lower back, it’s crucial to find a chair with support? Neck support – likewise, your neck can get tired quickly and can easily lead to strain

? Mobility – a good office chair will allow you to revolve and move on wheels to prevent stretching and manual lifting.

? Padding – padding is important, particularly if you’re seated for long periods

? Comfort – the overall comfort factor. How nice is the chair to sit in?

Computer Chair Vs. Executive ChairIf you work in an office cubicle, don’t expect anything more than a computer chair. It will probably be padded and may have decent back support, depending on the model and the budget of your employer. A well designed computer chair shouldn’t leave you reaching for the mouse or the keyboard and should have wheels to allow you to move and turn without having to stretch.

Executive chairs on the other hand are far more luxurious, and are generally well padded with comfortable leather to contour around your body. This kind of chair provides more back support and even neck support to help you through those stressful days, although their higher unit cost makes it less likely that you’ll receive one of these in your next office job. Of course, for the self employed this might be a worthwhile investment, as a comfortable seat to help take the pressure off your joints after a long shift.