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Chair of your choice

Think your home without furniture. It seems next to impossible. From bed to sofas and chairs our home is made up of different furniture and one of the most essential furniture is the chair. There are different types of chairs and we use them according to our need and comfort.

Wooden chairs have always remained the favorite. With its maintenance costs being negligible wooden chairs are still considered as the first choice. It is because of it that we now have so many varieties of wood available in the market. Hard wood, soft wood and composite wood are some such varieties. While hard wood like cherry, walnut, oak, maple and mahogany are the best kind wood for furniture, soft wood like pine wood is also used for making furniture.

Composite woods are not natural woods but are man made. Ply wood, particle board, hard board and MDF are types of composite wood and are now used extensively to make furniture of your choice. These are made differently by machines .while ply wood is made up of layers of wood sheets which are glued together and compressed under high pressure; particle board is made of saw dust and small wood chips which are mixed with glue and resins and given the needed shape.MDF (Medium Density Fiberboard) is made in the same process as that of particle board and hard board but it is more durable and strong than both of them. Furniture made up of these materials if taken care of can last for many years.

While choosing a chair from the market, keep in mind your need and your lifestyle. Physical comfort should be the priority while selecting a chair. Short heighted people should not select chairs which are high enough and the vice versa. At the same time see to it that the chair does have the kind of back you want, high, low, or medium.

With these details in mind enjoy the comfort of sitting on a chair of your choice.