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Revitalise A Room By Painting The Ceiling With Different Hues!

Have you ever wondered why you hadn’t painted your ceiling so far? If you haven’t done that in a while, it is time to give your ceiling a fresh coat of paint. While the ceiling may be ignored now, you can incorporate into your next painting project so that it ensures it won’t go unnoticed for long. 

In fact, if you are in a small space where opportunities for designing are limited, a ceiling represents itself as an additional canvas. Using your ceiling to bring in colour from other rooms will complement the design without eliminating the décor.

Why should you paint your ceiling?

It can be a surprise design element

Painting a ceiling wall is a new trend, and it is not showing up in too many households. When you enter a room with a colourful ceiling, the element of surprise is more than enough to start a conversation. Painting your ceiling walls is trending due to its versatility it offers, and in fact, it is a complementary partner to any room décor. Discuss with a painter in Sydney to choose a colour that suit your room decor.

You can show off a detailed ceiling

If you have ceilings with more details and want to highlight them, you can paint it with mild hues to draw attention. You can also go bold with bright hues to emphasise every detail of the ceiling. These tactics work well with white walls as it creates an unexpected contrast that looks stunning.

Get a sophisticated look

One of the easiest ways to give a room a modern look is to unite the ceiling and the walls with a colour that complement each other. If the wall colours seem to be saturated, choose one or colours to find a lighter one for the ceiling. Yes, it will give a more finished look than a usual flat white. If you cannot find a colour, get help from the house painters Sydney to paint the ceilings with a suitable shade.

Make a space more intimate

If the ceiling and walls are painted with the same colour with no contrast moulding, the result will be soft and seamless. The residential painters in Sydney recommend trying out a warm shade that not only makes a space more intimate but also cosier.

Muted blending

If you want to give your space an ombre look, mix a small amount of white into the same colour as the walls for the ceiling. Also, slight variations in the shades create a cosy blended effect, and give a striking appearance. The minor changes in the colour streamline the walls and ceiling into a soft and subtle fluid look. So, do you want to refresh your space? Then just hire a painter in Sydney and paint the ceilings with a colour that complements the wall.